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For starters, here are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  

Also, if you have any questions, you can contact us at

Also, please check out the featured instructional videos on the homepage first, as they cover most common questions about how to use the site and how to handle your account.

ATTENTION IPHONE USERS - Some of you may have difficulty getting to the site when you plug the url into your mobile browser. This is because iPhones have some issues redirecting urls from http to https. This can be solved by going directly to . We are working on a fix in the meantime where any variation of the url will redirect properly. 

1. Are these workouts follow-along or instructional?

The Daily BJ focuses on instructional videos. He will go over the workout prescription and exercise technique so you can easily watch and perform the workout anywhere without having to follow along to a screen. 

Also, follow-along workouts are expensive to produce and costly, not just financially, but on poor ol' BJ's body. It would mean we would have to share far less content. With an instructional format we can load fresh content much more frequently. 

We may occasionally add a follow-along, but we don't plan on it being a regular feature. 

2. Will I need a gym membership?

The Daily BJ will feature a mix of options—from bodyweight, to basic equipment, to workouts for a gym environment. 

3. How does the membership work? Is there a trial?

For the low price of $9.69 (just 32 cents a day), you can access all the workouts under the membership. That includes BJ's daily personal workouts, programs targeted for fat loss, muscle gain, BJ's lifestyle tips, and an exclusive-inside look into his eating/nutrition habits. We also have an Ask BJ category where you can submit questions BJ will answer on camera and post to the site. 

Soon, we will be releasing The Weekly BJ, BJ's podcast. Members will get exclusive early access to episodes, and some episodes will even be members-only. 

Many programs will have pdf cheat sheets you can print or download. You'll see them at the top of the playlist.

The only downloadble videos are in The Daily BJ category. 

We may occasionally sell special premium products separately, but The Daily BJ will be the one place you can access regular content from BJ. 

We don't offer a free trial, but if you want entry-level access to BJ's workouts, you can follow him on social media where he shares some free workouts and tips. But this is just a fraction of a fraction of what The Daily BJ will provide. 

If you want a closer look at the website, and some words from the man himself, check out these vids. 

4. Why is the site called The Daily BJ?

Because there is daily content, and his name is BJ. Sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons and take back your name! I see you, Seymour Butts. 

P.S. Get your mind out of the gutter. 

5. Will I be locked into a membership for eternity?

Only if you want. You can cancel at anytime. You'll have access for the remainder of the current pay period (every 30 days) and then incur no additional charges and your video access will expire. 

6. Will my credit card charges say?

The Daily BJ LLC. Maybe have a sit down with your family if this is going to be an issue. 

7. How can I access the videos?

The easiest way will be on your mobile browser or on your PC. However, you can technically watch it on your TV if your technology setup allows. For example, you can cast it from Chrome to your Chromecast and view on your TV. You can plug in your mobile device to HTMI on your TV and view it that way as well. This is designed to be a solution for people on the go (which is most of us these days). We want you to be able to hop on the site, quickly view the video to understand your workout and hit it!

8. What happened to the podcast BJ used to host?

BJ no longer hosts the Sweatcast, but he will be starting his own podcast, The Weekly BJ. And if you are a member of The Daily BJ, you will be able to access the podcast before the general public!

9. Are these workout for men and women?

Yes! These workouts are for everyone. 

10. How are international customers charged?

The cost is $9.69/month in USD. Your credit card company determines the exchange rate into your currency. Exchange rates are variable and completely in the hands of a credit card company. You can google the exchange rate to get an idea of what they price will be in your currency.