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10-25-17: Heavy Core Work

💪About last night's workout... Exercise list first and session notes 📝 below. As always, use whatever equipment you have access to and make it work! No slideboard? Use socks on a wooden floor or furniture sliders on carpet. Also, any hip-hinges will work for the final part of the workout.
1. Heavy Farmer's Walks with 125-pound adjustable @powerblockdumbbells going 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off for 5 rounds.
2a. @UltraSlide Sliding Ab Fallouts @ 20 reps
2b. #SpeedBot Glute-Ham Raises @ 20 reps
3 rounds resting as needed
3a. @UltraSlide Sliding Lunge Switches @ 60 secs on, 60 secs off
3b. @UltraSlide Sliding Mountain Climbers @ 60 secs on, 60 secs off
3c. #Kbox4 @go_exxentric Hip-Hinges + Double Band Tension @ 60 secs on, 60 secs off
2 rounds
📝SESSION NOTES: I love starting workouts with heavy carries. I did these at a very slow and controlled pace to really lock-in core positioning. Such a great trap and forearm pump and it makes holding lighter weights a piece of cake. I really love my new custom @ultraslide unit. Those sliding lunge switches were straight 🔥! Same cardio-metabolic output as split jumps but with less impact forces on the joints. The hip-hinges with double band tension were amazing. The hip circle around knees from @mbslingshot fires up lateral glutes 🍑and the @sorinex mini bands attached to feet and bar increase tension at top for maximum glute and back activation. Using the #Kbox4 from @go_exxentric is my favorite deadlift tool because of the stretch at the bottom and the auto-regulated resistance- the faster you go up, the more weight you have to control back down.