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11-20-17: 1.5-Rep Ripper Leg Day

This month I've been doing most of the GAINZ 4.0 protocols that I've been sharing daily. Be sure to check out that program as it uses one of my favorite metabolic bodybuilding templates: 2 minute works periods with a minute rest between sets. I've be showing a ton of options within those extended time under tension work periods.

Today I started with some heavy deadlift work on the #Kbox4 fly wheel trainer from @go_exxentric. The faster you pull up, the more resistance you get back down for eccentric overload and infinite resistance possibilities. 

Then I did 2 cycles of a 6-exercise leg circuit using the special 1.5 rep tempo format as shown in the video. 1.5-rep work is an amazing way to get massive pumps and a laser-focused mind-muscle connection all while using lighter loads than normal to spare the joints. I'm using the premium @UltraSlide slideboard 8 (it's awesome!) but you can modify with fitness sliders, socks on carpet, or furniture sliders on carpet.

1. #Kbox4 + Band Deads- 5 sets at 1 set EOMOM (every other minute on the minute): 1 flywheel x 10, 2 flywheel x 10, 3 flywheel x 10 x 2 sets, 1 flywheel x 20

1.5 Rep Circuit- 2 min on, 1 min off x 2 cycles

2a. Seated 1.5 Calf Raises @ 2-45's
2b. Sliding 1.5 Leg Curls @ bw
2c. Sliding 1.5 Reverse Lunge- Left @ bw 
2d. Sliding 1.5 Reverse Lunge- Right @ bw
2e. 1-Leg 1.5 Calf Raises- Left @ bw
2f. 1-Leg 1.5 Calf Raises- Right @ bw