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12 Days of Fitmas

During stressful times it's way smarter to simplify your training instead of putting too much pressure on yourself to be "perfect" or skipping it altogether. That's why we've created a special Holiday Survival program this month called 12 DAYS OF FITMAS instead of our regular SHRED and GAINZ programming (please note that you can use these workouts anytime). 

Surviving the holidays isn't rocket science. You just need to switch to more of a maintenance mode knowing how busy and unpredictable the end of year can be. Instead of aggressively focusing on burning fat or building muscle, you're going to simply focus on completing a certain number of quality workouts this month. This is called a compliance goal and it's one of the most effective ways to stay fit over the long-haul.

So your goal this month (or any busy, stressful month) is super simple: COMPLETE 12 OF THESE HOLIDAY SURVIVAL CIRCUITS! That's it. This breaks down to just 3 whole body SHRED-style workouts per week with at least a day of rest between workouts. If you do this and stick to the carb/calorie-cycling plan as outlined in the Pre-Holiday Shred program, then you'll be able to maintain your 2017 gainz and walk into the New Year ready to crush it for THE POST-HOLIDAY SHRED!

We'll be posting 12 total Holiday Survival Workouts (most with minimal to no equipment) over the course of this month. It doesn't matter which workouts you do, as long as you complete 12 total. It could be 1 workout done 12 times on 12 separate days. Or it could be 3 workouts done 4 times each. Or you could complete each of the 12 workouts once as they are posted. The choice is yours based on equipment access or preference.

Each Holiday Survival Workout will feature a Dirty Dozen Depletion Circuit designed to maximally deplete glycogen, the sugar stored in your muscles and liver. This type of training is ideal to manage the extra carbs and calories that the holidays can bring. Think of it as "damage control". But you'll still burn fat, build muscle, and boost metabolism. And the cardio conditioning is off the charts- you'll feel like you just went for a hard run by the time you're done!

We recommend the Tabata Pro app in the apple iTunes Store as an excellent interval timer for your workouts.

If you want to do additional training on off-days, check out SORE TO THE CORE programs under the FOUNDATIONS category or the RAPID FAT LOSS CARDIO programs under the SHRED category. You can also mix in some GAINZ finishers if you wish and feel up to it.

We've also provided you with a 12-day workout completion checklist you can download and print out. Put it on your fridge or your desk and check off each of the 12 days of training as you complete them over the course of the month.

Trust us and follow this plan to a T. You won't regret it. And get mentally and physically ready to make 2018 your most fit year yet, baby!