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12-Week Rapid Fat Loss Cardio PROGRAM

This is BJ's signature starter program for cardio intervals or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It features a 3-phase program (4 weeks each phase) with a work to rest ratio and volume progression built into it.

You can perform this routine on any cardio machine you have access to.
But if you don't have access to premium equipment or want to do these
workouts at home, BJ shows you his Sweet 16* basic equipment rapid fat loss cardio moves complete with regressions and progressions for each move. 

*Please note that you don't need to do all 16 of these options within a single workout. You either pick one for the entire workout OR you can select a few that you alternate between each round. We suggest keeping to cycling between one or two of the movements—especially during the shorter workouts—for maximum training effect. For the longer workouts, you may choose to combine more movements for variety. 

These routines are ideally performed on days between your SHRED or GAINZ workouts.