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Banded Hip Flexion Mobility to Improve Squatting, Hinging, and Running

Lack of hip flexion, or the ability to bring your knee towards your chest, can lead to back pain and cause movement restrictions with squatting, hip-hinging, and running. You'll know this is an issue for you if you have trouble squatting deep or bending over without excessively rounding your spine. Often times you'll feel your hip reach what's called a "flexion wall" when squatting down, which is the head of your femur literally running into your pelvis.

Adding a band distraction as shown in the video can dramatically improve the effectiveness of traditional hip mobilization techniques because it helps address the restriction within the hip capsule itself. Trust me- it's a game-changer!

Do these drills pre-workout and for active recovery for 2-5 minutes on each side. If you have a tight side, do it twice as long and twice as often on that side. Credit to Dr. Kelly Starrett of from whom I learned these drills.