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This is the second installment of our 28-Day GAINZ series for those trainees looking to build muscle. Start with the original 28-DAY GAINZ PROGRAM before doing this. Unlike the total body training split in SHRED 2.0, GAINZ 2.0 uses an upper/lower split to maximize muscle gain.

These workouts harness the muscle-pumping power of metabolic bodybuilding. GAINZ 2.0 specifically uses modified Tabata Training, a 20-10 high-intensity interval training format. The short, incomplete rest periods create epic muscle pumps using lighter loads than normal. This is great for limited equipment setups. It's also easy on the joints but hard AF on the muscles.

I highly recommend using the Ultimate Tabatas interval soundtracks available in the members zone to automate your workouts. There is a free track to get you started so you don’t have to be a slave to the clock:

Equipment Recs (click to be taken to store):  Hip circle

Bands - The small single band package should cover almost all of your band needs, however, you have the option to purchase individual bands on this site as well.