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GAINZ 3.0 Program

This is the third installment of our 28-Day GAINZ series for those trainees looking to build muscle. Start with the original 28-DAY GAINZ PROGRAM before doing this. Unlike the total body training split in SHRED 3.0, GAINZ 3.0 uses an upper/lower split to maximize muscle gain.

These workouts harness the muscle-pumping power of BJ's signature metabolic bodybuilding style. GAINZ 3.0 specifically uses joint-friendly 5-exercise circuits for the same body zone with a 40-20 interval. Alternating between competitive exercises with incomplete rest promotes muscle growth via metabolic stress (pump and burn) and allows lighter loads to go a longer way.

You will perform 4 or 6 workouts per week based on your schedule and fitness level. There are 4 upper body and 4 lower body workouts to choose from for added variety:


  1. Bodyweight Workout
  2. Dumbbell Workout
  3. Single-Band Workout
  4. Bonus Dumbbell Shoulder Circuit


  1. Bodyweight Workout
  2. Dumbbell Workout
  3. Kettlebell Workout
  4. Bonus "Death by Bulgarians" Workout

For best results, be sure to perform nightly #NetflixAndStretch drills to improve recovery and enhance performance.

I highly recommend using the 40-20 MMA Rockout Soundtrack available in the members zone so you don’t have to be a slave to the clock:

Another option is the Tabata Pro app available in the Apple iTunes Store.

Equipment Recs (click to be taken to store): 

Hip circle

Bands - The small single band package should cover almost all of your band needs, however, you have the option to purchase individual bands on this site as well.