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GAINZ 4.0 Program

This is the 4th installment of our monthly GAINZ programming which uses BJ's signature metabolic bodybuilding training to build muscle with minimal equipment while using lighter loads that are more joint-friendly. These routines can be performed at home or taken to the gym and can typically be completed in 45 minutes or less.

This program features an upper/lower split, where you alternate between upper body and lower body workouts each day. Perform at least 4 (2 upper/2 lower) and up to 6 (3 upper/3 lower) of these workouts per week. 

You have at least 1 free day per week to do whatever you want with. It can be an off-day, used for recreational activity, or maybe you just go for a walk/hike and do some #NetflixAndStretch for active recovery. You could also do a SHRED workout to mix things up and maintain your conditioning. 

These workouts are as hard as you make them. If you're pushing hard enough and using the right loads/moves, you shouldn't want to do anymore than what's recommended. The goal of each workout is to stimulate, not annihilate.

We recommend the Tabata Pro app in the apple iTunes Store as an excellent interval timer for your workouts.

OPTIONAL FINISHERS: If you're looking for a longer workout, consider adding a 5-10 minute (no longer) SHRED finisher on top of these routines for fat loss and metabolic conditioning. Pepper in any of the SHRED 4.0 workouts or any of the routines found under the SHRED category as long as it doesn't impair your recovery. 

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