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How To Do Bulgarian Split Squats

This video is a deep dive on everything you need to know about the Bulgarian Split Squat (also know as the rear-foot-elevated split squat). This is my go-to lower body exercise and it's awesome for strengthening imbalances between sides. It primarily targets the quads and glutes and mobilizes the hip flexors in the trail leg.

A recent study showed this move to have similar strength and performance gains in the lower body when compared to barbell back squats with the added benefit of being less stressful on the spine. So there's certainly nothing wrong with doing barbell squats, but you don't need to do them if you're not a powerlifter and you're just looking to safely build your leg muscles. I don't do any barbell squatting and I still have plenty of upper thigh and glute development.

Personally, I get way better muscle pumps and an enhanced mind-muscle connection with Bulgarian Split Squats over any bilateral squatting variation. It's also a great exercise for taller and bigger individuals, particularly those with long femurs (thigh bones).

In this video I discuss:

- Split Squats vs. Bulgarian Split Squats
- The proper bench height
- The best way to place your feet
- Stance options based on goal
- How to perfect the setup
- Bodyweight-only options
- 6 great loading options with dumbbells