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Post-Holiday Shred- Phase 1


The Post-Holiday Shred is a 12-Week, 3-Phase Body Recomposition Program designed to get you shredded for spring! This is Phase I of the program which lasts 4 weeks.

This entire program is only $9.69/month and you can cancel anytime! Plus, the membership to provides access to everything site-wide past and present. 

The official start date for this program was Monday, January 8th. However, you can start this program on whatever Monday works for you.

If you have any questions about the program, please email them to so we can get you squared away. 

Good luck and let's make a change, baby!


What equipment will I need?

The only required equipment for this program is a pair of dumbbells and a box/bench/step/couch/chair/ottoman to sit or step on or to place your hands and feet on. However, we’ve created a basic and premium home gym setup infographic for those looking to further build out their home gym and take advantage of all of the workouts available at Simply download the "Recommended Equipment" PDF in the resources above to access the materials.

How many extra carbs on high carb days?

It’s critical to understand that you don’t need a gluttonous carb load post-workout to maximize gainz. Women and smaller individuals should add just 50-75 g of additional carbs to their post-workout meal. Men and larger individuals should add no more than 100-150 grams of additional carbs to their post-workout meal. You can always adjust these totals over time based on how your body responds.

What if I had a lot of success with the Pre-Holiday Shred nutrition plan? Should I still follow this one?

Yes! Much like with your training, if you follow the exact same nutrition plan for too long your body adapts to it and the gainz slow down. Strategically cycling your macronutrients and calorie intake - like mixing up your sets, reps, exercises, rest periods, etc. - throughout the year can help prevent plateaus and metabolic staleness. You can always go back to that plan at some point in the future if you'd like.  

The nutrition plan says to eat 2 large meals and 2 high-protein snacks per day. Does that include Breakast? Does that mean 4 total feedings per day?

Yes. 4 total feedings ideally spaced out every 3-4 hours throughout the day. Breakfast is not time-specific. All it means is it's your first meal of the day, which you can have whenever works best for your schedule. 

For example, I train in the morning. So I start my days with amino acids pre-workout. Pre/post-workout amino acids or protein count as a high-protein snack. Then I eat my first meal about 30-60 minutes after my workout. 3-4 hours later I have a high-protein snack. 3-4 hours after that I have my second and final meal of the day.

Are there any #FuckItMeals in this program?

We're not specifically prescribing any cheat meals (or #FuckItMeals) for this 12-week program. But we're also not forbidding them. It's up to you whether you need them or not. Clearly, best results will be achieved if you follow the plan exactly as outlined. But whenever you do have a #FuckItMeal, just record it so you can see how it effected your overall results. And make sure that if you do have one, it takes place on a designated higher carb day when you're doing some resistance training. We'll touch on this more in an upcoming podcast.

Can I move around my "Off" day to be any day of the week I choose?

We recommend you follow the plan exactly as outlined since the prescribed nutrition corresponds with the designated training for each day and the weekly training split is set up to maximize recovery over the weekend.