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Post-Holiday Shred- Phase 2


The Post-Holiday Shred is a 12-Week, 3-Phase Body Recomposition Program designed to get you shredded for spring! This is Phase 2 of the program which lasts 4 weeks.

Do NOT start this phase until you have completed all 4 weeks of Phase 1: 

This entire program is only $9.69/month and you can cancel anytime! Plus, the membership to provides access to everything site-wide past and present. 

If you have any questions about the program, please email them to so we can get you squared away. 

Good luck and let's make a change, baby!


We will be adding an introductory podcast for Phase 2 by Friday, February 2nd. If you still have any questions about this phase of the program after listening to this podcast, please email us at and we'll answer them in a Q&A podcast that will be posted towards the end of Week 1.

You will be using the same pre and post-workout drills and routines from the first Phase of this program. So please reference the Phase 1 playlist if you need a reminder on that content. You absolutely must continue to stay on top of your mobility and recovery work for best results!

Your workouts for each day of the entire phase will be provided in full throughout the first week of the program. Each day's work will be posted the night before at latest. For example, the Monday workouts will be posted by Sunday evening.

Like in Phase 1, some additional bonus content will be provided for Weeks 3 & 4 so keep a lookout for that.

Trust the process and keep showing up!