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This is the second installment of our 28-Day SHRED series for those trainees looking to burn fat and get in a crazy good cardio shape. Start with the original 28-Day SHRED Program before doing this. 

These workouts harness the rapid fat loss power of metabolic conditioning. SHRED 2.0 specifically uses modified Tabata Training, a scientifically-proven high-intensity interval training technique that leads to greater fat loss and fitness improvements than long, slow, and boring cardio.

I highly recommend using the Ultimate Tabatas interval soundtracks available in the members zone to automate your workouts. There is a free track to get you started so you don’t have to be a slave to the clock:

Equipment Recs (click to be taken to store): 

Hip circle

Bands - The small single band package should cover almost all of your band needs, however, you have the option to purchase individual bands on this site as well.