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SHRED 3.0 Program

This is the third installment of our 28-Day SHRED series for those trainees looking to burn fat and get in a crazy good cardio shape. Start with the original 28-Day SHRED Program before doing this. 

These workouts harness the rapid fat loss power of metabolic conditioning. SHRED 3.0 specifically uses 40-20 total body MetCon circuits. If I had to pick one metabolic conditioning template for the masses it would be the 40-20 interval five-exercise circuit. 

The 40-second work periods are just long enough to get in that serious anaerobic work without the pacing that tends to come with 60-second work periods. The 20-second rest periods give you plenty of time to rest and transition between non-competitive moves that work your whole body. It retains the same 2:1 work to rest ratio as 20-10 Tabata intervals but doesn't require the same insane speed of movement to get the desired training effect. Plus, extended time under tension is always a good thing for muscle growth.

You will perform 3 of these workouts per week (M, W, F) with 7 different routines to choose from:

  1. Bodyweight Workout
  2. Sliders Workout
  3. Single Dumbbell Workout
  4. Double Dumbbell Workout
  5. Kettlebell Workout
  6. TRX Workout 
  7. Landmine Workout

For best results, perform the 12-Week RAPID FAT LOSS CARDIO program on the off-days (T and TH) and can add the 28-Day Sore to the Core Program on Sundays.

I highly recommend using the 40-20 MMA Rockout Soundtrack available in the members zone so you don’t have to be a slave to the clock:

Another option is the Tabata Pro app available in the Apple iTunes Store.

Equipment Recs (click to be taken to store): 

Hip circle

Bands - The small single band package should cover almost all of your band needs, however, you have the option to purchase individual bands on this site as well.