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Sizzle & Chisel: Phase 1

CONTENT CALENDAR!! Each day's workout will be posted the night before for your review. After the first week, you'll have all of your programming for the month. After reviewing the materials, please send any questions you have to or you can DM BJ on Instagram @bjgaddour saying you're a "TDBJ member."

The SIZZLE & CHISEL is a 2-Phase, 8-Week body recomposition program. The goal is neither to lose nor gain weight, but rather to add as much muscle and strength as possible without gaining any body fat (and possibly losing fat). It’s not to say that you won’t lose weight or gain weight, but that’s not the goal of this program and your bodyweight or scale weight is really an afterthought. FUCK THE SCALE! 

Though anybody can do the SIZZLE & CHISEL, it’s designed as the perfect followup plan to the SUMMER SWOLE (SS) program. Like the Post-Holiday Shred (PHS) & SS, it still features the key fundamentals of The Daily BJ Diet based on a foundation of #SimpleAssMeals, #ProteinAndProduce, and carb/calorie cycling. 

However, it breaks from the PHS by employing a unique WEEKDAY versus WEEKEND training & nutrition structure to promote simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain (or at the very least, muscle maintenance). 

The workouts during the week have more of a total body fat loss (SHRED) combined with lower-carb nutrition. You’ll also be doing significantly more core training than normal since many of you have requested more abs work.

The workouts on Fridays & Saturdays have more of a muscle-building (GAINZ) emphasis with split upper and lower body workouts combined with higher-carb nutrition. You’ll also be able to indulge in more social eating (or drinking) on the weekends if you so desire (and of course in moderation).

Many of our members have requested a plan that combined SHRED & GAINZ programming and this is one of our favorite ways to do it. And though you can do this program anytime of year, it’s ideal for the summer so you can embrace the “Jacked & Tan” lifestyle. 

I have provided 2 suggested meal plans: one with more of a SHRED focus and another with more of a GAINZ emphasis. The main difference between the 2 plans is really the level of flexibility you use on the weekends. If you’re main goal is to lose fat, you’ll want to use less flexibility. If you’re looking for maximum muscle gain, you can be more liberal with your overall carb & calorie intake on Fridays & Saturdays. This is explained in more detail in the following pages. Let’s crank up that metabolic heat to a whole new level for the summer, baby!