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Steak, Eggs, and Potatoes!

This is one of my favorite breakfast meals post-workout on a higher carb day. I call it a #ProteinAndProducePLUS meal. The mix of potatoes and fruit with steak and eggs is a recipe for some serious gainz. I added a slice of sprouted grain bread with peanut butter on the side because I was feeling myself. 

It’s critical to understand that you don’t need a gluttonous carb load post-workout to maximize gainz. And you should save your higher carb days for heavier resistance training work where you incur significant muscle damage and deplete muscle glycogen more. 

Women and smaller individuals should add just 50-75 g of additional carbs to their post-workout meal. Men and larger individuals should add no more than 100-150 grams of additional carbs to their post-workout meal. You can always adjust these totals over time based on how your body responds.