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The Pre-Holiday SHRED

The Pre-Holiday Shred is a special program that was originally designed to start on October 1st for those looking to lose 5-10 lbs of body fat before Halloween. 

But you can follow this program at anytime during the holiday season (before Thanksgiving or Christmas) or whenever you're trying to look your best for a big event like a vacation, wedding, photo shoot, etc.

You can also perform multiple cycles (2-3 max) of this 28-day program until you hit your fat loss goal or you can move to another one of our SHRED programs after completing a cycle. The nutrition plan, and it's provided customization options at the end of the program, can be used indefinitely.

Please note that you're provided with a new SHRED (fat loss) and GAINZ (muscle gain) program the first week of each month as part of membership.    

Use these hashtags when posting your workouts and meals on Instagram:

#TheDailyBJ #PreHolidayShred

And if you have questions after reviewing all of the resources provided above, DM BJ on IG @bjgaddour and indicate you're a TDBJ member.

Please note there will not be a separate SHRED and GAINZ program for this program. Instead, everyone will be doing SHRED workouts with the option to add in some GAINZ finishers. The reasoning behind this is outlined in the training overview podcast.

Be sure to listen to the nutrition and training overview podcasts, download the nutrition cheat sheets, and watch the groceries/meal prep vid right away. Get most of your groceries on Sunday so you're ready to rock for Monday.

In terms of equipment for the workouts, all you need is your bodyweight, a pair of dumbbells, and access to a couch/bench/ottoman/chair/box. We also recommend the following items below to enhance your routines:

Equipment Recs (click to be taken to store): 

Hip circle or any mini-band

Bands - The small single band package should cover almost all of your band needs, however, you have the option to purchase individual bands on this site as well.