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The Superhero Shoulder Circuit

BJ’s Superhero Shoulder Circuit

This is the 30-minute routine I used to dramatically improve my shoulder health and performance and gain a surprising amount of muscle mass in the process. It’s designed to strengthen the often neglected and weaker postural muscles of your scapula and rotator cuff and prepare your body for overhead work. I highly recommend using the Crossover Symmetry system which has you cross the cords to maximize the angle of resistance and range of motion. It also provides multiple levels of customized resistance and many portable and accessible attachment options. You can get the bands at this link: However, you can modify with any band or cable setup you have access to.

In the beginning, I’d recommend doing this circuit 2-3 times per week for several months on off-days or to warmup for your upper body workouts. You can eventually move to a once/week maintenance plan or just incorporate the moves into your regular training program in some way. Perform each move for 2 minutes of time-under-tension work with 30 seconds of rest and transition between moves in the exact order listed in the training chart of the provided downloadable cheat sheet. Please pay attention to the recommended attachment level, resistance, and training tempo for each move for best results.