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The Weekly BJ Podcast- Episode 24: Beyond Fitness with David Jack

David Jack (DJ) is one of the top fitness experts in the world and a long-time global fitness ambassador for the Reebok brand. He's also the guy that first hooked me up with Men's Health back in the day. You probably wouldn't even know who I was if it wasn't for DJ's help. I owe him a whole lot.

This was one of my favorite podcast episodes yet. We certainly discussed fitness, but not in the traditional sense. What you'll be listening to is 2 guys at turning points in their professional careers and lives openly discussing the past, present, and future. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and think you'll find some inspiration in it. It will also give you some perspective on what's really important.

You can learn more about DJ at his site:

And you can follow him on instagram @TheDavidJack