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The Weekly BJ Podcast- Episode 28: Overcoming Heart Failure with 26-Year Old Bodybuilder Andrew Jones!

This episode will serve you up a big dose of perspective with an extra helping of gratitude. Andrew Jones (AJ) is a 26-year old bodybuilder and fitness model with one helluva story to tell. After a viral infection in college pushed him to heart failure, Andrew was forced to carry an artificial heart in a backpack just to keep him alive long enough to receive a heart transplant. He's now thriving with a new heart and spreading the love and fitspiration through his work as a motivational speaker and founder of Hearts At Large.

The topics covered include:

- How to not give up when facing insurmountable obstacles

- The mindset you need to adopt when starting over

- How organ donation transcends race, religion, politics, etc.

- AJ's best back training tips (his back is jacked!)

- And much more!

Please follow AJ on Instagram @FitnessWithAJ and please consider supporting his organization!