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The Weekly BJ Podcast- Episode 40: High-Frequency Training and Huge in a Hurry with Dr. Chad Waterbury!

I had the great 👍🏼 honor & pleasure of hosting THE Dr.👨🏼‍⚕️Chad Waterbury (@drchadwaterbury) in the #GardenOfGainz for a killer episode of 🔊THE WEEKLY BJ podcast recently. I get asked all the time who to read or who to follow. Chad is that dude! I’ve been reading 📖 and following his work since 2003 and he’s truly one of the greats in this field.

The topics covered include:

- How to get HUGE IN A HURRY

- The secret sauce behind High-Frequency Training (HFT)

- The best way to get better at pullups and make your calves grow

- The real benefits of cardio

- And much more!

Please follow Chad on Instagram at @DrChadWaterbury and check out his website at: