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TRX Total Body Circuit

The TRX suspension trainer provides one of the best bodyweight workouts around! You can anchor it to a door, pole, tree, power rack, or pullup bar. Try this total body circuit to melt fat and boost metabolism:

- Perform each move for 60 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest between moves:

  1. TRX 3-Way Shoulder Raise Complex
  2. TRX Atomic Pushups
  3. TRX Leg Curls
  4. TRX Pulsing Bulgarian Split Squat- Left Leg
  5. TRX Pulsing Bulgarian Split Squat- Right Leg
  6. TRX 3-Way Row Complex
  7. TRX Overhead Triceps Extensions
  8. TRX Twisting Biceps Curls

- That's 1 round. Do 2-4 rounds, resting a minute between rounds.

You can purchase a TRX hit here.