The Best 30 Minute Fat-Loss Workouts on the Planet for only $19.69 per month.

What if I came up to you at the gym and said I could design a month’s worth of workouts for you at just 65 cents a day?

I bet you’d say YES.

BJ Gaddour on the beach holding a surfboard above his head.

Yo! I’m BJ Gaddour, the Sultan of Sweat.

I’m a former fatso from Milwaukee, WI and the former fitness director for the Men’s Health brand.

I’m the creator of 7 workout DVDs (including best-sellers like SpeedShred & MetaShred) and the author of Your Body Is Your Barbell.

I’ve been working out since I was 14 years old and I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to sharing the body and life-changing power of fitness with good people just like you.

Do you browse through social media and find yourself overwhelmed by the endless workouts, personalities, and dogmatic approaches to exercise?

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If you love the daily workouts I share on social media, but want a more structured, synergistic, and portable program, then is for you.

No more scrambling through random workouts and selfies trying to make sure you have a complete workout program—I’ll make sure that every month you have everything you need to get in shape and feel great so you can spend more time doing the other things you love.

Only $19.69 a month, cancel anytime.

The Best 30 Minute Fat Loss Workouts on the Planet

I created for busy men and women looking to burn fat, build muscle, boost metabolism, and improve athleticism in as little time as possible with minimal equipment. The routines are accessible for all fitness levels and the training schedule is sustainable for the long-haul. It’s for people looking to get lean and stay lean for life!

What You Get

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  • Save time and energy from planning your own workouts
  • Perform THREE 30-minute whole body workouts per week
  • Train at home or take your workouts to the gym
  • Each month access 6 NEW synergistic workouts to rotate between
  • 3 of the workouts ALWAYS use bodyweight, dumbbells, and resistance bands
  • The other 3 wildcard workouts will use other home-gym friendly training tools
  • Strictly world-class workouts (no dogmatic nutrition or supplements pushing)

If convenience is king and general fitness is your goal, this is the program for you!

Only $19.69 a month, cancel anytime.