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Now with Gorillacorn Gainz Programming for 2020 Only!

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TDBJ is now where SHRED meets GAINZ with the GORILLACORN integration!

Fusing MetCon with Metabolic Bodybuilding for Advanced Trainees

The GORILLACORN GAINZ (GG) program was $200/month for the 50 original members in 2019. It was for men and women looking to be the most jacked dude or dudette in their hoods. BJ has a created a new signature training split and style for 2020 (without the same high-level coaching) to make GG programming more affordable & accessible to the masses while seamlessly integrating with the TDBJ programming. But there are no guarantees that this will continue in 2021 so take advantage of this special 1-year fitness gift with a discounted annual membership TODAY!

Metabolic Conditioning by BJ Gaddour
Metabolic Conditioning by BJ Gaddour

Train Anytime, Anywhere

Homes, Hotel Rooms, & Gyms

BJ specializes in creating premium ass-kicking workouts with minimal equipment so you can train in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Most of the routines use budget-friendly training tools like bodyweight, dumbbells, and resistance bands. And if you still prefer to train at the gym or have a jet-setting lifestyle, these workouts travel well too!

Variety, Baby!

Never get bored. Never miss a workout.

Besides the new monthly programs, you will instantly access an archive of 174+ home workouts you can take to the gym. So even if you find yourself without the equipment needed for a given workout, or a particular routine just doesn't jive with you, you'll have your pick of the litter from our always growing database of workouts from past monthly programs.

Metabolic Conditioning by BJ Gaddour
Metabolic Conditioning by BJ Gaddour

Fast & Simple App + Video Downloads

iPhone & Android

Access workouts and mobile-friendly PDF cheatsheets with the easy to use and well-organized iPhone & Android apps. You can even download the videos inside the app and view them later without having to be on WiFi.

Metabolic Conditioning by BJ Gaddour

Men's Health Cover Model & Former Fat Guy BJ Gaddour

Creator of Best-Selling Men's Health SpeedShred and MetaShred DVDs & Author of Your Body Is Your Barbell

The Daily BJ (TDBJ) programs use the same metabolic training methods that BJ has mastered over the past 2 decades to help millions of good people just like YOU get back in shape. BJ first developed his cutting-edge rapid fat loss training system at his fitness bootcamps in Milwaukee, WI. From there his secret sauce and workout programs were spread to the masses in various best-selling Men's Health DVDs & books, countless print and online articles, and all over social media. And trainers all over the world now use BJ's methods to help their clients burn fat, build muscle, and boost metabolism in record time.

What People Are Saying

“Crushed by a rubber band! Ha! Loved it BJ!! An hour later, my shoulders feel great!”

“Holy quad quakes, batman. I nearly died and I must've looked like it too. You were not kidding. This workout was brutal.”

“Wow BJ ur workouts are melting my fat like cheese and butter 😉”

“Jesus F-ing Christ...”

“Made it 4 rounds, though the last round should have been called 'watch me do 1 rep'”

“Brutal but great. Slams get that heart rate up! Thanks”

“Owie that hurt. Still I would choose a TDBJ subscription over Netflix everytime!”

“F🤬🤬🤬 this workout... I am D.E.A.D. 🥵”

“Damn BJ! Those split jerks at the end... sweaty AF!!!!!”

“WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!! Also, those rotational bear crawls to skater jumps are like getting off of a teacup in Disneyland...”

“I'm glad to see I'm not the only one whose legs were killed doing this.”

“I have no idea how this is even possible without resting between moves. 💀💀”

“You're right BJ, I do hate you. I can't feel my legs...”

“Well... that was unbelievably humbling. lol”

“Whooooo wee! That was good! Thanks for this leg-quaker! Also, you definitely said 'banana hammock'”

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The Best 30 Minute Fat-Loss Workouts on the Planet for only $19 per month.


$19 / month

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3 Day FREE Trial, Cancel Anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

First thing's first! If you are looking for technical support, please email ottsupport@vimeo.com. There is a dedicated staff that can help with the nuts and bolts.

If you have questions about the workouts, post them in the comment section underneath the workout video itself. Please keep those comments section relevant to the specific workout so it doesn't get cluttered with irrelevant comments.

Now onto the fun stuff...

Absolutely! We have a dedicated Beginner Bootcamp to get you ready for regular TDBJ programming. When you have completed Beginner Bootcamp, you can then move to the regular monthly program provided. If after the first cycle of Beginner Bootcamp, you feel you need more work, you can definitely do it again to build some more stamina.

Once you are ready for the regular monthly programs BJ shows multiple variations for exercises, so you don't have to be the hulk to get going. He also allows for you to adjust the length of the workouts, which you can build upon as you get fitter. And as you get fitter, you will be able to increase to harder movements and greater intensity, so the programming grows with you as you get fitter!

If you already workout, you're probably still busy, like EVERYONE is. You'll be able to access killer monthly programming from BJ, so you can just bust your butt and not waste time trying to piece together your own workouts. There's no more guesswork about whether or not you are doing too much of one thing and not another. It's like having one of the best trainers in your pocket, telling you what to do, for just $19 per month!

And if you are a fitness machine, while 3 high-intensity workouts per week is enough, we give you the option to workout 4-6 times per week if you need your fix or supplement with the archive of 50+ workouts and counting.

If you are looking for a high-end coaching program with personalized attention that focuses on gainz (aka, want to be the most jacked dude/dudette on the block), check out GorillacornGainz.com.

TDBJ workouts are home workouts you can take to the gym. With the exception of some special months, we provide at least 3 workouts that ONLY use bodyweight, dumbbells, or bands. Then we provide another 3 that use other home-gym friendly tools such as medballs, kettlebells, etc. This means you will at LEAST have three workouts to cycle between each month if you have the most basic equipment, and more if you decide to invest a little more in your home gym setup. If you go to a gym, you should have no issues accessing all the equipment.

Our workout archives are categorized by equipment, so if you are limited in that capacity, you can find more workouts that fit with your available equipment using this feature.

As of now, The Daily BJ only provides workouts.

If you want more in-depth discussions on nutrition by BJ, check out his podcast The Weekly BJ where he discusses his thoughts on various trends and his personal nutrition philosophy. It's available on most major podcatchers.

You can cancel your membership by going to your membership panel. You will stop incurring billing at the end of your current cycle. The only exception is if you are grandfathered from the old site and using Paypal. You will need to email ottsupport@vimeo.com to cancel.

We have an iPhone and Android app. You can also use the site on any typical web browser from your phone, tablet, or computer.

We have a standard warmup you can do if you have time. Keep in mind that BJ is kind of a genius at this and builds warmups right into the workouts. So if time is of the essence, then you can get right into your workout. Just use the first round as a feeler, to get the juices going and break a sweat. By round two, you'll be ready to rock!

Of course!

The monthly programs are the heart of TDBJ. This is a program where each workout is designed to synergistically support and build upon one another. That's how a program is different from a random collection of good workouts. BJ takes many factors into account in a program to make sure each workout builds on the next, is balanced, and focuses on incrementally getting you better.

The archives are old workouts from previous month's programs categorized by equipment. They are there in the event you need some workouts for a specific piece of equipment. Let's say you are traveling and only have bands. The archives are a perfect way to ensure you don't miss a workout because you lack access to other types of equipment. Or, let's say you get in your 3 workouts for the week, but you are feeling spicy and want a fourth as a bonus, you have tons to choose from in the archives to give yourself a little something extra.

In short, the monthly program is the meat and potatoes of TDBJ, the archives are the aioli / hot sauce / whatever you like to keep things exciting.

Just follow the schedule provided in the Getting Started section until the next month starts. You can also do some random workouts from the archives to sync up to the monthly schedule. Once the beginning of the month hits, start the current program so you will be on the program schedule and then you won't have to worry about being behind after that!